Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Octavia is becoming my Eleanor (day #49)

The first image is by Harry Callahan. It is a photograph of his wife Eleanor. I found out about Callahan when Amy sent me this link. Sadly, I was too late in submitting my entry for the photo contest. So, I have placed my entries here for you to judge.


  1. Tavie just put her arms over her head without out any aid from John, and was a perfect model. He put the second shot in because it was my favorite of the bunch. I prefer the less literal translation.

  2. But all together they make a wonderful trilogy of photographs. Let me know what Danziger says, because you really ought to send them in.

    Looked at singly, I like the less literal translation best, too, by the way.

  3. As in the series when Tavie discovered the flash, I lol when I scrolled down past Eleanor to the first shot of Tavie as Eleanor.